Louise Black Binkley, Sarah Isabelle "Sallie Belle" Binkley, and Etta Goldberg Binkley
Hermitage, Davidson County, Tennessee - 1917. These are my aunts.

Louise Black Binkley was born October 9, 1894, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and died in 1985 in Madison, Davidson County, Tennessee. She married William Alfred Scott, Sr. [ October 29, 1897 - July 10, 1953] on September 22, 1918.

Etta Goldberg Binkley was born May 17, 1900, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and died on August 16, 1987, in Nashville, Davidson County Tennessee. She married (1) Ray Estes [December 15, 1900 - May 2, 1930] about 1923 and (2) Leo McPherson Edwards [? - November 17, 1978] about 1944.

Sarah Isabelle Binkley was born on January 14, 1903, in Davidson County, Tennessee, and died on December 9, 1996, in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. She married Dr. Elkin Lanier Rippy [September 13, 1902 - September 11, 1989] on June 19, 1926.

PARENTS: William Frederick Binkley and Anneatta Louise Kirkpatrick

GRANDPARENTS: William Blackman Binkley and Caroline N. Wilson, John Kirkpatrick and Louisa ?

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Frederick Binkley and Adeline Shackleford

SECOND GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: John Binkley and Johanna Jacobina Leedy, Roger Shackleford and Nancy Carter

THIRD GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Anna Maria Salome Werle, John Leedy and Elizabeth ?, Roger Shackleford and Carey Baker, Charles Carter and Nancy Bird

FOURTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Christen Binkley and Elsbeth Burri, Johannes Werle and Marguerite Neuvillers

FIFTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Jean Neuvillers and Marie Thon

SIXTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Joseph Neuvillers and Anne Ringelsbach

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