Amanda Binkley was born about 1833 in Tennessee and died on July 4, 1913, in Norwood, Wright County, Missouri. She married Elisha Owens [about 1827 - 1915] about 1852.

PARENTS: Isaac Binkley and Martha Wilson

GRANDPARENTS: Daniel Binkley and Catherine Moser

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: John Binkley and Johanna Jacobina Leedy

SECOND GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Anna Maria Salome Werle, John Leedy and Elizabeth ?

THIRD GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Christen Binkley and Elsbeth Burri, Johannes Werle and Marguerite Neuvillers

FOURTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Magdalena Spring, Jaggi Burri and Elsbeth Zbindon, Jean Neuvillers and Marie Thon

FIFTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Jaggi Burri and Elsbeth Beyeler, Hans Zbindon and Ana Bynggeli, Joseph Neuvillers and Anne Ringelsbach BINKLEY PHOTOGRAPHS HOME