Odell Howard Binkley
[Photo courtesy of Brittany Paty]

Odell Howard Binkley was born on February 11, 1912, in Cheatham County, Tennessee, and died on March 9, 1994.

Ancestry of Odell Howard Binkley

PARENTS: William Riley Binkley and Loretta Hattie Reed

GRANDPARENTS: Tazwell M. Binkley and Martha Makim Newman

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Hiram Binkley and Nancy Morris, Bartlet Newman and Ellen Wilson

SECOND GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Henry Binkley and Anna Carpenter

THIRD GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Adam Binkley and Maria Magdalena Weller

FOURTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Anna Maria Salome Werle

FIFTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Christen Binkley and Elsbeth Burri, Johannes Werle and Marguerite Neuvillers

SIXTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Jean Neuvillers and Marie Thon

SEVENTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Joseph Neuvillers and Anne Ringelsbach

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