Mary F. and Julia Rebecca Binkley
Photo courtesy Charles D. Binkley

Mary F. Binkley was born January 22, 1904, and died on March 2, 1909, in Crittenden County, Kentucky. Julia Rebecca Binkley was born on May 20, 1902, and died on March 8, 1909, in Crittenden County, Kentucky.

PARENTS: David Joshua Binkley and Lucy C. York

GRANDPARENTS: Frederick Marshall Binkley and Amanda Rebecca Binkley

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: John Henry Binkley and Mary Margaret Walker, Joseph Shackleford Binkley and Martha Buchanan Steele

SECOND GREAT- GRANDPARENTS: Frederick Binkley and Adeline Shackleford, Pleasant H. Walker and Tabitha Allen, Samuel Steele and Patience Shane

THIRD GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: John Binkley and Johanna Jacobina Leedy, Roger Shackleford and Nancy Ann Carter, Andrew Steele and Martha Steele Buchanan, Morris Shane and Phoebe Castleman

FOURTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Anna Maria Salome Werle, John Leedy and Elizabeth, Roger Shackleford and Carey Baker, Charles Carter and Nancy Ann Byrd, Samuel Steele and unknown, Archibald Buchanan and Agnes Bowen, Jacob Castleman and Rhoda Robertson

FIFTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Christen Binkley and Elsbeth Burri, Johannes Werle and Marguerite Neuvillers, Francis Shackleford and Sarah Virginia Lewis, James Buchanan and unknown

SIXTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Werle and Anne Niddeger, Jean Neuvillers and Marie Thon, Roger Shackleford and Mary Palmer, John Lewis and Sarah Nicholas

SEVENTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Joseph Neuvillers and Anne Ringelsbach, John Shackleford and unknown BINKLEY PHOTOGRAPHS HOME