Helen Katherine Austin, age four months, about October 1928.
Photo courtesy of Debra Dawahare

Helen Katherine Austin was born on June 27, 1928, in Michigan, and died on September 3, 1933, in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

PARENTS: Herbert Ernest Austin and Bertha Rowland

GRANDPARENTS: Anna Tennessee Binkley and Harris Richardson Austin, Riley P. Rowland and Helen Catherine Blevins

GRANDPARENTS: Thomas M. Binkley and Margaret Evaline Kirk, Thomas Austin and Eliza Carr

GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Franklin Carter Binkley and Indiana A. Massey, Joseph Frederick Kirk and Rachael Thomason

SECOND GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Frederick Binkley and Adeline Shackleford, George Kirk and Polly Stealy

THIRD GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: John Binkley and Johanna Jacobina Leedy, Roger Shackleford and Nancy Carter

FOURTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Peter Binkley and Anna Maria Salome Werle, John Leedy and Elizabeth ?, Roger Shackleford and Carey Baker, Charles Carter and Nancy Bird

FIFTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Christen Binkley and Elsbeth Burri, Johannes Werle and Marguerite Neuvillers

SIXTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Jean Neuvillers and Marie Thon

SEVENTH GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Joseph Neuvillers and Anne Ringelsbach

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